Hi there. I’m Amanda.

I think about food 24/7. Lucky for me, it’s both my job and my passion. During the day, I work as a cookbook editor at a publishing house near Boston, MA. At night and on the weekends, you can find me in the kitchen.

I deal in whole, unprocessed food only–real food. Farmers’ market, CSAs, and the dude down the street who sells eggs out of a cooler in his yard are my suppliers. I am rarely found in the inner aisles of a grocery store, unless it’s for pasta or parchment paper. I love fermented foods, breakfast, and exploring new food cultures. I am not afraid of healthy fats or occasional treats. I value balance and simplicity. If you want to learn more about how and what I eat, check out my posts here and here.

I live in New Hampshire with my boyfriend/life partner, Suraj. We met in London more than a decade ago (I was there finishing up my studies in magazine journalism and anthropology, he was there working). We both love to travel. Suraj hails from India, me from upstate New York. Home-style Indian cuisine and spice are common features of our kitchen. [The photo you see in my header, of lentils and jaggery (unrefined sugar) is from a open-air market in Bangalore, India.]

I hope this little site nourishes and inspires you!

7 thoughts on “About

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  4. Hi Amanda,

    I couldn’t find a contact on your site. I’m just letting you know that we featured your no bake cookie balls in our 73 Healthy Snack Ideas round up at Foodal.com. http://foodal.com/knowledge/paleo/73-healthy-snack-ideas/

    It’s the first time that we’ve done a post like this (a roundup) – we’ve actually been working on it since August – it was originally supposed to be a back to school type of post. Let us know your thoughts.

    Congrats on the pregnancy!




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